beautiful gals of africa

one of the first thing i noticed as a child growing up on the dusty sands of Nigeria is that there never seem to be a limit to the amount of beautiful people, especially women. of course i am a sucker for dark-skinned women(in fact the darker the better) lol, but even the non dark-skinned african women are gorgeous. in this post, i pray tribute to some beautiful african women.

i am not one to praise women who have had the time and expertise and the financial power to acquire and use some of the best artificial beauty product out there, i prefer the simple pretty woman, whose smile or dimple just seem to light up your eyes, whose grace and elegance is just brilliant, and you cant help but be grateful for being able to see and appreciate such beauties.

it’s a shame some of the most beautiful gals i have ever seen, their photos wont be on this post, simply because i don’t know how they would react to it. most of them are my friend, i have been fortunate enough to visit a few african countries, and no matter the difference in tongue, weather, dress code, common denominator was the beauty of the women. whether on the beach in Lagos, on the streets in Accra, in the Mall in Jo’burg, on the beach in Zanzibar, on campus in Gabz..these beauties never end.

i have been lucky to have seen numerous beautiful gals and would just name some, my friend nommie has one of the cutest radiant smile i have ever seen, my friend Ella has one of the prettiest faces  i have ever seen, my friend Chioniso(a beautiful name meaning sunlight) has this radiance about her that just shines friend Gertrude, tall, slim and pretty, became runners-up in Most beautiful gal in nigeria, my friend Temwa(another beautiful name..meaning Love) has this sophistication and aura that is just enveloping my friend mildia..with her dimples……i got so many pretty friends, each with their own unique beauty set…from brandy, to kagiso, to kaone, to my now married friend Onyinye(all onyinye i know are pretty).and my TZ gal!!! jackie..crazy gal tho…if i was to name all..then i wont stop writing…

now ama post photos of the african women whose beauty have been able to catch global attention…

Nigerian Agbani Darego winner of miss world 2001 making her the first black african gal to win it

Angolan Leila lopes, winner of miss universe 2011

Botswana Emma Wareus..runner up in 2010 Miss world. funny thing is i always knew her even before she competed, but we only became friends after, she is a good friend, and played with us at equality cup…down to earth too

Kenyan Winfred..winner of miss Earth

before she became Muna the rapper..Munachi is a former  miss nigeria..a really beautiful gal, who actually was a classmate and friend of my brother at Benson Idahosa University Nigeria..that guy messed up..

Mpule from Botswana, she was the winner of miss universe in 1999 making her the first African to win that title

Zulu maidens..the beauty is in their taking nature……

to all the beautiful african ladies out there, i salute y’all


my blood is red

actually, i still can’t remember when i started supporting Manchester united, all i know is that as far back as i can remember, that has always been my team…born in the late 80s, i wouldn’t say i took to football straight from birth, i remember glimpses from the 94 world cup, i was just  7yrs old, but being Nigeria’s first world cup campaign, i guess the fever caught us all, from grandpa to fathers to toddlers, as every night(american time difference) we would all sit as a family and support our heroes Finidi, Yekini, Okocha, Oliseh amongst others….my earliest real football memory came two years later, watching a young Nigerian team led by Kanu won the olympic gold medal in football, defeating star-studded Brazilian team, featuring 3 times world player of the year Ronaldo amongst others, in the semi, and beating Argentina in the finals….i went on from there to watch all other world cups with passion and love.

as to my association with United, i have to say my older brothers being staunch supporters made me a red devil, and also for some unknown reason, at my early football watching days, i seem to favour watching them, if ever in doubt, watching the 99 finals made me a fan for life…since then i have been a true red devil, the type that makes all around him know he is one..all through my high school days, i was known as united fan, up to the point that my nickname was “forlan” as i totally adored him(by the way, where is my forlan 21 jersey), my favourite number is 21 because of him, during my university days and up till now, they call me vidic, in reference to my love for my captain and also because i am a captain of my team and play center back.

for all united fans, the dream is to watch a live game at Old Trafford, but unfortunately for me, that dream is still a bit far to becoming reality…for fans like me, who have not been able to visit yet, how do we show loyalty??? well below is a list of some of my united jerseys and other united memorabilia.


i think its only fair i start with the jersey of the man whose 99 goal cemented my love for the red devils..the baby face assassin…a true legend

the best center back in the world, or leader, our rock, and my name sake

yes its my favorite jersey, really worn out, but why not, the man is an absolute legend, like hoddle before him, not fully appreciated by the english fans and managers, but xavi and iniesta fighting for his shirt says it all….

he man that thought me that rating players based on their youtube videos is absolutely wrong..

always got blasted by opposition fans that united never signed Africans, so when we got him, especially after his Afcon performance, was really happy..but like his fellow number 26 above, really didnt work out

absolute legend, totally dominated the scottish league and many doubted his abilities in the “big leagues” was instrumental at barca and also at united

the beautiful united jacket

the mug is a gift from a friend and the scarf..a gift from my sister

the one my liverpool supporting friends hate the most and for obvious reasons….

and of course yes i have also had dreams of being a united player, playing for my favourite team, rocking my favourite number…..


yes my blood is red, and i would have uploaded more, but some girlfriends have made off with some jersies..u know who u are… devil for life!!!

my weakness

they say true friends knows u best..and this is true to me. all of my friends who i have called my true friends, from ella, to nommie, chio, mildia, becky, all know that my one great weakness is sugar, which for me usually comes in the shape of biscuits.

i am on holiday(too lazy to work and also can’t find work), so all i do is be a maid at home, been cleaning my room regularly, and this latest post is about what i found from the last major cleaning….i cleaned on monday, and cleaned today(thursday), so in the three days that set each apart, i found after cleaning, lots of biscuit papers, and these r some of my all time favourites…below are these biscuits, as i expose you to the secret world of my “open” weakness…


now this one is the cream of the crop…very rare and extremely delicious, soft buttered biscuit that melts in your mouth to leave a milky taste. this one is found mostly in Nigeria, and i usually savour it as its rare…its so nice that even a none biscuit lover like my special friend cant help but fall in love with it, even though she isnt a sugar or biscuit lover….

of those readily available, this one does it for me…i dont know, there is something about mint that just appeal to my taster buds, and with the mix of chocolate,fused with mint, i cant help but crave for this biscuit almost often…

this one yeah, also does it for me..which a rich blend of vanilla placed between the biscuits, it makes it really mouth watering and sumptous…and also the cheapest of them all, i usually dont go two days without having it…

now this one usually go best with tea..not really my favorite as its lacking in sugar..but at night, while curled up reading a novel or folded up watching a movie with tea, this biscuit usually go best with it.


there we go..just a lil insight into some of my guilty pleasures…

art…the road to the soul….

growing up, i always had this love, and an almost lovable panache for art….when i see a beautiful work of art, the feeling i get in my tummy…butterflies r too tiny to describe it…as a child, i admired the art works at the louvere…yes i have never been there,but they available online.. from monet’s waterlilies to the Mona various works of the dutch master van goh…


recently i came across something totally amazing, breathtaking and just wow!! 3D painting, several painters have tried this, but my favorite is Edgar Mueller..his 3D painting re just extrmemly they are, enjoy…






so there you go guys…believe me its real..for more..just google Edgar Mueller….ciao!


my africa

well, my first post in this brand new, and would be extrememly controversial blog(the title of the blog says it all), i feel it is important to talk about my continent, or as referred to by many usually pale of skin, dead white men, :dark continent”

in as much as the dark continent moniker is a bit atrocious..but our brothers from Sudan didnt help us out there….well, not to bore u, in this very pictorial blog..i just wana look at the few eye brow raising awesomeness that this continent has shown we go

best place to keep phone..who needs a pouch

and the PETA thinks we africans dont love our animals


and the americans may say they “leave no ma behind” well we too..down here is either we all go, or no one goes



and we generate our own sourc of power..this right here is the radio version of the DSTV walka


well here we go.hope y’all smiled at least…thats just a wlecome introduction to the craziness of my mind which for all purpose we will call my blog…so..the great narzee—HADULF-HEATLER is out….